We Look After Our Staff
Establishing a presence in the local community is important to Top Fashion. We can clearly see the benefit of being involved whether that be with our employees, their families or the community in general. We believe in community events that everyone can enjoy. Whether it’s hosting a day of reading for parents and kids, or helping budding artists create their next masterpiece, we can achieve great things when we work (and play) together.

We value all our employees and make sure they are working in an environment where all health and safety procedures are put into place. We Also value the skill and craftsmanship our employees offer and we make sure we constantly overlook salary’s and offer a bonus scheme due to the growth of our company. We are strong believer’s in all of employees and we appreciate the input and hard work that goes towards all the design process right through to manufacturing. Having a strong team on board who are looked after well, is the current success to the simultaneous growth within the factory.

The key to a successful relationship is the concept of win/win and we feel that increasing our profile has long term benefits for everyone making our contribution worthwhile.
Our commitment to infuse an ethical and social responsibility throughout our operations is firmly rooted in our corporate values.

We believe in investing in the heath and sustainability of the communities in which we operate working with individuals at all levels to create a mutually beneficial partnership.